Inspire your team by winning FESPA 2015 Awards

Dear Friends,

When its about winning an International Awards, whether its SGIA or FESPA Indian screen and digital printers have always marked their strong presence and achieved many International awards year after year.

Once again this year FESPA has announced their upcoming prestigious awards competition “FESPA Awards 2015 in Cologne”.

Why to enter into awards competition, here are many good reasons…

  1. To WOW prospective customers than to welcome them into your business where your FESPA Award is displayed alongside your best work?
  2. To reassure them of your technical skill than showing off an award that has been judged by senior and influential figures in the industry, experts in your field and most importantly, your customers.
  3. Inspire your team! Winning an award not only raises the profile of your business and attracts new customers, but also raises the spirits of the team involved in producing the winning work.
  4. Being shortlisted against hundreds of competitors from across the globe is an honour in itself, but to make it through to the very top, winning in a category – can and does transform businesses and change lives.
  5. In addition to global publicity for winners, all entries will also be put forward for the opportunity to win the People’s Choice Award and the FESPA Hall of Fame which opens up the voting to the whole imaging community. The marketing possibilities if you win are endless!

To encourage all printers who are hesitant to step into the International Awards scenario for the first time, SPAI introduces the SPAI–FESPA Indian National Awards from 2015, to participate very comfortably. Also steps have been taken to have Regional Associates to introduce the same to printers in various locations.


15th April 2015:   Closing date for entries (sending completed forms with payment to SPAI)

25th April 2015:   Last day to reach the physical entries with DVD/Pendrives to SPAI, Mumbai

27th April 2015:   Judging for SPAI Indian Awards

28th April 2015:   Shortlisted entries showcased on and public voting on entries for ‘The People’s Choice Award’

7th May 2015:   SPAI Will reach Entries to arrive at Cologne

18th-22nd May 2015:   All entries displayed at FESPA 2015, Cologne

19th May 2015:   Winners announced and celebrated at Gala Dinner during FESPA 2015

June 2015:   SPAI Indian Awards & FESPA 2015 Awards winners felicitated and celebrated at Gala Dinner. (Date & Venue to be communicated later).

Inspire your team, involve them and win one of the prestigious FESPA 2015 Awards.

So don’t delay, enter today.

Remember 15th April 2015 Closing Date!

For immediate assistance call Mr. Mohan Kaikini, COO-SPAI on +91 9820287300


Wishing all the Best to those printers who have not participated earlier.

Bhargav Mistry

Don’t get caught by any Budget Analysis

Dear Friends,

Every year after the budget people discuss a lot about the pros and cons and so called experts give their opinion and advices but tell me frankly that from last 60 years the many poor has become richer, the richer have become super rich and in few cases richer have gone bankrupt. Was this due to any budget. Absolutely not.

Smart and clever businessman knows how to make money from any budget and situations.

So don’t get caught on budget and experts verdict remember one thing just innovate, innovate and keep innovating. Nothing will stop you from growing.

Have a successful year ahead.

Bhargav Mistry

Screen Print India, Goa – Exhibition & Awards

Dear Friends & Proud Screen Printers,

Whenever there is print exhibition abroad, I always wish to visit mainly for two reasons:
1) To know what’s new in print technology
2) What’s going on around in the world of printing.

Besides this, I have also one strong personal reason to visit such exhibitions, that is, to take some break from my routine work schedules by visiting some places of great interest.

Many of my industry friends who travel abroad for the trade shows have the same opinion that they also try to combine business travel with leisure. They spend lot of time in exhibition stalls, talk to exhibitors, see samples and live demo, and then at the end of the day visit some places of interest with their friends and family.

Mega international exhibitions such as SGIA, FESPA, IPEX, DRUPA, etc attract progressive minded visitors from across the globe which is the reason why such exhibitions also attract lot of exhibitors.

In India, print exhibitions are now-a-days becoming monotonous, more and more regional and many big ones organise them in crowded metro cities. Even in some places, I have noticed that printers from the same region where the shows are being organised, do not often visit. That may be because of too many trade shows are being held nationally and regionally within a gap of few months and apart from exhibition, especially in metro cities you do not get proper time to relax have fun around.

In abroad, the purpose of visiting any trade show is not just business but also enjoy leisure, and that’s exactly why this year Screen Print India exhibition is being organised in Goa, a perfect tourist destination of India – Pure business / Sure leisure!

So take a break from your hectic schedule because now you have got the chance to enjoy at the same time see hundreds of world class screen printed samples of various applications plus update your technical knowledge and meet many renowned industry experts and speakers during this four day Screen Print India 2014 Exhibition at GOA starting from 18 to 21 September 2014!


You will also get a chance to see many creative screen printed samples of special effect at our stall…

Here is the video of those amazing and outstanding screen printed sample gallery which were printed in my institute DMI during several workshops.



Start preparing for your visit to Screen Print India Exhibition at Goa and book your flight/train tickets now to Goa. Visitor who lives nearby can also drive all the way to GOA which is also more fun. Don’t forget to make your hotel booking online at one of the finest beach resorts in Goa.

As we all know Goa is famous for beaches and water sports, so have fun and enjoy the weekend with your friends and family during your stay.

You must be aware that there are many FREE technical seminars by renowned international speakers during the show, all four days; seize these great opportunities to upgrade your knowledge.

Meanwhile, I am sure, you are also preparing to send your ENTRY with best samples to Screen Print India Award – I was told that the last date is 26th August 2014. You can download the award entry form and get to know more about Screen Print India Goa at:  DOWNLOAD SCREEN PRINT INDIA 2014 AWARDS APPLICATION FORM

It’s going to be a unique experience – a business & leisure trip to Goa with pleasure. Don’t miss it!

Eagerly waiting to meet you in September at Goa, right at Grafica’s stall…

Until then enjoy the monsoon.

Bhargav Mistry

Screen Print India Vikas Yatra (Educational Tour to Promote Screen Printing)

April 25, 2014 3 comments

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that my company Grafica Flextronica who is one of the Knowledge Partners in Screen Print India 2014 Vikas Yatra organised by Aditya Exposition, owners of Screen Print India Exhibition.

Vikas mean progress and progress cannot be possible without Education. So to me this Vikas Yatra in a way can also be called as an Educational Tour.

Along with us there are several reputed companies like EPSON, SERICOL, SKYSCREEN & COLORs. Each of these companies including Grafica will demonstrate unique, high quality award winning screen printed samples which are produced by renowned printers across the globe.

In this Educational Tours visitor will get chance to speak to all these companies technical staff and learn new products and techniques.

Earlier Grafica on its own strength, single handedly conducted more than 25 educational seminars, events and road shows across India to promote screen printing and thereafter through my institute DMI since 1996. Till today more than 1250 professionals have taken training from my institute DMI and more than 3000 printers so far have visited Grafica’s various educational events and road shows in 25 cities across India.

This time we are participating with other industry colleagues which in a way will be beneficial to all visitors because all these companies shall also carry their printed samples which are produced using their products.

The purpose of this Vikas Yatra which I will refer as Educational Tour is:

  • To create awareness about the latest trends in screen printing technology.
  • To promote screen printing industry and technology.
  • To demonstrate new techniques and ideas in screen printing.
  • To update technology and knowledge in screen printing & special effects.

In all these road shows Grafica will carry 100’s of highly creative screen printed samples produced in our in-house and highly professional screen printing institute DMI (Dhirubhai Mistry Institute For Print Education Research & Training).

All those who have missed our DMI workshop can get a chance to see our recent developments and latest trends in screen printing.

Apart from Grafica and DMI’s sample you will also get a chance to see “LIVE DEMO” of DIRECT TO GARMENT DIGITAL PRINTER to print high quality t-shirts & LARGE FORMAT DIGITAL PRINTER also used for PROOFING & POSITIVE OUTPUT using high end RIP SOFTWARE from EPSON.

This tour is open for all professional printers, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Printers from nearby places should also plan to visit this Educational Road Show which will never happen again this year.

I will also be present in all three cities starting today 25th April from Aurangabad, 26th April – Nashik, 28th April – Pune and finally on 29th April – Mumbai.

So lets meet and exchange ideas.

See you soon…

Good Bye and have a knowledgeful weekend ahead…

Bhargav Mistry

Printing Technology Institutes in India should now learn a lesson from Clemson University, USA!

January 14, 2014 1 comment

Clemson University, USA

I strongly feel that the printing technology institutes in India should now learn a great lesson from Clemson University, USA, who are using two Grafica’s nano-print plus to teach advanced screen printing process to graphics students.

I salute Patrick Rose, Senior Lecturer of Clemson University, who has taken a commendable initiative to promote advanced screen printing and keep this versatile printing process alive.

The Printing Institutes in India show somewhat step motherly attitude towards ‘screen printing’ process. The syllabus makers and institutes seem to have totally neglected screen printing as if it is an out-dated printing process.

Much against the tremendous advancement taking place in screen printing, I often hear from printing students that the institutes still teach screen printing using out-dated methods. That is exactly why, as a manufacturer of screen printing machines, Grafica has taken the responsibility of imparting education and training to printers and printing technology students through our DMI Institute.

The Department of Graphic Communications, Clemson University, USA, has recently installed 2nd Grafica’s nano-print plus, a semi-automatic screen printing machine which does not require compressor or have any pneumatics inside.

Clemson University, USA Installs 2 Nano-Print plus

As his summer teaching session came to an end, Patrick Rose, Senior Lecturer, Department of Graphic Communications, Clemson University, USA, shares why they invested in two nano-print plus.

What was the objective of installing one more screen printing machine? (While many other institutes still have just small manual screen printing table to teach screen printing):
Both Nano-Print Plus machines replaced two older (1987) machines. We wanted two alike machines for more efficient and consistent teaching.

Why such aggressive educational initiative is needed by investing in technology to teach students?
We have a hands-on intensive program. Although we do not expect students to operate presses later, we want them to have the experience so they can better be managers of people who do operate presses. About 50 students so far since December have used the Nano Plus machine for a 4 colour print.

As an academician what did you like, feature wise, in this machine? Your experience with nano-print plus?
Great experience! I like how quiet they are and the precise nature of their operation. We were looking for a similar size to the machines was replaced. We also wanted a machine that did not require compressed air to operate. We also liked the fact that the screen never tilts, causing the ink to run to one end. The Nano Plus is a unique hybrid of a clamshell and a 2 post pillar type press.

What are your teaching contents?
4 colour process. It is the first printed process colour product our student do- and it is screen printed!

Your views about screen printing … its potential, future and scenario in the US: There will still be screen printing in the future! In the USA screen printed posters and letterpress cards and stationery are becoming quite popular! People want the feel of the texture of screen ink and letterpress impressions. There are also special applications of screen printing for “”functional”” materials used in electrical circuits as well as electroluminescent (EL) displays.

nano-prinTag – Video

January 6, 2014 2 comments

Watch live demo of Grafica’s nano-prinTag, worlds fastest and first all electrical mechanical direct to garment textile screen printing machine… To print tag-less labels direct on garment, high density logos and much more. Print Area – 6″ x 6″ Inch (15.24 x 15.24 cm).

January 2014

January 6, 2014 3 comments
As reported in the earlier issues of Grafica News India, there has been a growing trend of digital print solution providers diversifying into screen printing. The latest entrants are Kerala based Apple Sign and Hyderabad based Vijetha Digital – both digital printing service providers. I would only say that both screen printing and digital technology can co-exist under one roof of your printing business.
It is heartening to note that some of the screen printers are now practicing the basic principles of advanced screen printing as taught in DMI’s educational workshops. (Read DMI impact stories on page 6 & 7).Let me draw your attention to the forthcomingFESPA Awards 2014′ competition. As creative screen printers – in industrial, textile and graphics segment – you must have a huge collection of innovative and striking screen printed samples produced during the year 2013. Select the best ones and send it to FESPA’14 Awards competition.

If you are still not sure about it, then Mike Young, my friend, an international screen printing expert in USA, has conveyed an inspirational message in his post-SGIA report published in the November’13 issue of Screen Print India Dec 2013 magazine about the very concept of participating in such awards and its immense benefits. He said:Quote: There were a total of 221 awards conferred to 53 winning companies… only six companies from the Indian block submitted entries (same as last year), it signified a winning participation of 11.3% to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, despite India’s small contribution they somehow managed to capture over a quarter of all awards by bagging a total of 60 – a whopping 27.1%. Unquote.

He further noted: If there is a downside to all this fanfare, the question I have is, why was there only six companies from the Indian printing community participating in a prestigious competition when there are so many world class printers within its boundaries? For those who do not think their everyday work is up to international scrutiny, I suggest they simply enter only three samplings of their best work in the appropriate categories and see what happens.

I urge once again all of you to take part in the forthcoming FESPA Awards 2014, and if you are a first timer then make it a habit of participating in national and international competitions in future, with a true spirit of entrepreneurship and healthy competition. It is surely an opportunity to celebrate excellence in screen printing which is now a most versatile printing process.

However, remember, under the principle of ‘healthy competition’, participation is primary and winning awards is secondary. As Mike Young said: “One may be merrily surprised and, like they say about playing a lottery – you can’t win if you don’t’ play!

So, come on, let’s go for it – participate in FESPA’14 Awards Competition! Let this be your ‘NEW YEAR RESOLUTION’. Let this new enthusiasm prevail forever.

More details about FESPA Awards 2014 in Grafica News India, page 12.

Remember, the last date to reach the entries to FESPA, UK, is on or before 28th February 2014. So, HURRY UP, RUSH YOUR ENTRIES and that should be your first task to be accomplished in the very beginning of 2014. If you are serious about it, then it is better you do it now to avoid last minute deadline pressure.In this December 2013 issue of Grafica News India we have published two technical articles. One by Scott Fresener who does not need any introduction in the field of textile and one from Dawn Hohl-Nowlin, a Technical Trainer and Consultant on screen printing. Her industry experience includes 18 years with SPTF/SGIA, USA, overseeing screen printing workshops, developing training resources and conducting process-related research. Both Scott & Dawn are a member of the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT).

Finally, we have had a successful participation at Garknit-X exhibition held on 13-15 December 2013 in Kolkata. The photographs on page 3 say it all.

I once again wish you, your family and fellow workmen, A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND WEALTHY YEAR – 2014.

Bhargav Mistry
MD, Grafica Flextronica & DMI (Dhirubhai Mistry Insitute For Print Education Research & Training)
Board Member of Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT)
Board member of Screen Printing Association of India (SPAI)


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